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Welcome from Tim Reed

March 2020 - Welcome to the Potentia blog! This is a space where the Potentia team will share our thoughts on things that we see that will impact the Australian and New Zealand tech sector. Some of the posts will be our thoughts on trends that we see, some will be reactions to publications that we read, and...

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Goodbye “Boom and Bust”: How Technology is Making Mining Less Cyclical

November 2020 - I was back in Perth to visit my family for Christmas 2016 and thought I’d take a morning walk. Standing in the hot Western Australian sun, batting away flies, the “For Lease” signs stretched as far as the eye could see in the previously buzzing mining hub of West Perth. What happened? After the largest...

The Private Equity Journey – a Potentia perspective (Part 1)

October 2020 - Over this three-part series we aim to provide our insights into the journey of a private equity owned investment from the signing of a control transaction and until the eventual exit to a new owner. From a Potentia perspective, we see the journey of our investments forming into three distinct phases: Transaction closing and first...

Accelerating Digital Adoption of B2B Software in a “Work From Home” World

September 2020 - Bill Gates once said, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten”. While I strongly agree with the sentiment, “always” is a dangerous word. This pandemic induced global working from home experiment has rapidly accelerated the adoption of digital technology all around...

Linkly acquire Premier Technologies’ fintech business

September 2020 - Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of payment integration technology, Linkly, has today announced a multi-million dollar deal with Premier Technologies that is estimated to triple the company’s value and gain market share in the online payment space.  

Making the Transition to Agile Delivery

August 2020 - As technology businesses increasingly transition to cloud-based platforms and make the journey to become a SaaS provider, many of these businesses are making the shift toward agile delivery. As many who have walked down this path would know, this can be a challenging transition to successfully navigate that requires organisational time and commitment. Many of...

What is Inside Sales? (Part 2)

July 2020 - Whilst insides sales can take many forms, where I have seen it most effective in b2b SaaS businesses is in bifurcating the sales process – specifically in focusing the insides sales team on exclusively generating, and qualifying leads. This bifurcation of roles is particularly compelling when dealing with long sales cycles and large contracts –...

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