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Welcome from Tim Reed

March 2020 - Welcome to the Potentia blog! This is a space where the Potentia team will share our thoughts on things that we see that will impact the Australian and New Zealand tech sector. Some of the posts will be our thoughts on trends that we see, some will be reactions to publications that we read, and...

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Mine efficiency the focus as MICROMINE announces a second acquisition

September 2021 - Mining industry software leader MICROMINE is continuing its ambitious growth campaign with the second acquisition in less than three months.

Potentia invests to power SuperChoice growth

August 2021 - Potentia Capital has invested alongside SuperChoice founder Ian Campbell and the existing management team, to drive the next wave of growth in the business.

Software That Creates Software Will Materially Impact Business and Society

July 2021 - Software developers have been the superstars of the information age. They have created the B2B software applications that have delivered dramatic productivity improvements to business. They have enabled the B2C consumer-app ecosystem that has opened up new possibilities like ride-sharing and upended many industries like retail. Their success has also led to politicians openly fretting...

The Future is not a PDF

June 2021 - Over the past fifty years, technology within businesses around the world has improved at pace. No longer do we have manual general ledgers, telex machines, typewriters or faxes. Instead, businesses have digitised to varying degrees; at a minimum, capturing unstructured data in electronic format (for example, documents created, saved and shared within an organisation), and...

MICROMINE deepens mine scheduling expertise with Precision Mining addition

June 2021 - MICROMINE says it has taken its first step on the acquisition trail, signing a deal to purchase Queensland, Australia-based technology company Precision Mining. The arrangement will give MICROMINE full ownership of Precision Mining, which is best known for its flagship mine scheduling software, Spry.

The Private Equity Journey – a Potentia perspective (Part 2)

May 2021 - My last blog discussed closing a sale transaction and establishing a strong foundation in the first 100-days of private equity ownership. The next step in the Potentia investment journey is to execute a business plan (“the Business Plan”) that aligns the company’s vision with Potentia’s investment thesis. A foundation for creating alignment between the company...

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