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Welcome from Tim Reed

March 2020 - Welcome to the Potentia blog! This is a space where the Potentia team will share our thoughts on things that we see that will impact the Australian and New Zealand tech sector. Some of the posts will be our thoughts on trends that we see, some will be reactions to publications that we read, and...

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Making the Transition to Agile Delivery

August 2020 - As technology businesses increasingly transition to cloud-based platforms and make the journey to become a SaaS provider, many of these businesses are making the shift toward agile delivery. As many who have walked down this path would know, this can be a challenging transition to successfully navigate that requires organisational time and commitment. Many of...

What is Inside Sales? (Part 2)

July 2020 - Whilst insides sales can take many forms, where I have seen it most effective in b2b SaaS businesses is in bifurcating the sales process – specifically in focusing the insides sales team on exclusively generating, and qualifying leads. This bifurcation of roles is particularly compelling when dealing with long sales cycles and large contracts –...

Software’s full potential – are we there yet?

June 2020 - Almost 20 years after the ‘DotCom 1.0’ era, and ten years after Marc Andresson opined that ‘Software is eating the world’, it would seem that we should be at the point where software finally realises its full potential. Whether that’s consumer platforms that help us live better, more connected lives, or business software that improves...

Unlocking scalability through Inside Sales (Part 1)

May 2020 - Remote sales delivered by centralised outbound sales is not a new concept. Where inside sales differ from traditional outbound sales is in the specific and increasingly scientific role they play in scaling and optimising the sales process. Organisations that have achieved scale are increasingly modularising the sales process and building highly skilled, domain and function...

Software Subscription Pricing – Scaling Subscription Revenue with Customer Usage

April 2020 - Subscription pricing has been a revolution for software businesses. While it is often tied to SaaS offerings, it can be equally applied to server or on-premise based software. I think of subscription as a business model and SaaS versus on-premise as a deployment model. I believe there are two reasons subscription pricing has been revolutionary...

Australian Conglomerate Buys International Schools Software Company

April 2020 - Education Horizons Group, a Melbourne, Australia-based K-12 education software provider, has bought Double First, a Yeovil, England-based international schools software provider.

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